Saturday, October 24, 2009

kim and vans wedding

the weekend of october 10th arrived, and we all drove down to the manti temple for kim and van! i was part of the bridesmaids, and it was just such a fun wedding because we are all such a tight knit group of friends that it feels more like family than anything (we actually really do refer to our group as "the family"). kim and van are so perfect for each other, and as i continue to see couples as happy as them, or as my sister heather and jess, it makes me so excited to find that for myself someday! (someday... lol).

below is a picture of the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and the happy couple! left to right: johnny, "brown", mike, josh, jared, van, kim, kayla, brittany, me, mckell, and sharis.

here was one of the funny group pics we took with all the friends outside the temple! i wont name everyone because i dont feel like it haha.

and lastly here is a pic of kim and her bridesmaids outside the temple! :) top row: kayla, kim, mckell; bottom row: me, britt, sharis.

so thats all for now! i'm sure ill have some interesting posts this week with halloween and several activites going on! love you all xoxo

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