Thursday, October 8, 2009

mesa mesa mesa....

so here are a few updates for my life here in mesa:

:: boys actually take you on dates here! such a refreshing change from the normal "let's hang out" routine in utah

:: i have found a total of 5 scorpions so far in my house. 3 of them were in my room.. awesome. (and random fact of the day, scorpions actually glow under black light. as if they aren't creepy enough!! why they gotta glow under black lights too??)

:: sunsets seem to be more beautiful in arizona than i've experienced before! i find myself lost in them when im driving home from work!

:: there is a pack of havalena that live in my neighborhood... whats with the killer pigs?? they are disgusting and my friend jesse told me they eat small dogs and can hurt people pretty bad.. so i run from my car to my house as fast as i can when i come home at night because i am terrified of them! haha

:: i went shooting the other night with my friends jesse, adam, and kari. we drove for about half an hour into the desert, and it was a full moon. let's just say now i see why coyotes howl at the moon, its gorgeous!! (and don't even worry about it, i totally howled for fun, and a whole family of coyotes answered me, even the little pups! it was awesome haha)

:: i've noticed the lds crowd here in mesa is on average around the age of 25 and older. kind of nice! but its weird because probably about half of them are divorced.. it's actually pretty sad!

:: the weather here is beautiful.. and i might even say perfect? yea august was pretty smoldering, let's be honest. but right now, it is perfect. it gets to about 80 during the day, and at nights its cools down to the low 60's. i have come to realize that i am definitely a sun baby and not a snow bunny! snow is ok when i want to snowboard or go sledding or something, but besides that i dont see any need for it :)

:: i miss my family! its been hard some days being so far from my family, especially since i lived right down the street from my parents and 20 mins away from heather jess and the buddy for over a year. i havent even seen my brother rob and his family since the middle of the summer! so that has been kind of difficult... but i definitely am glad i listened to the promptings i received and moved here! it has been so fun being in a new place, and experiening so many new places and people. i will be heading up to utah tonight after work for my friends kim and van getting married! i'm so excited for their wedding, its going to be really fun! it will also be nice to see my parents, since they will be my only family in town (rob is in greenriver, and heather and jess are on their way to hawaii right now those lucky ducks!)

i'll post again after this weekend, and definitely have pics to put up from the wedding :)

xoxo aly

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Liese said...

I am so jealous of your fun! dates, howling at coyotes, etc. haha I love it! Hope you continue to have a blast in AZ!