Wednesday, July 1, 2009

baltimore and dc: reunited and it feels so good!!

i was definiely most excited about getting to balitmore to see my twin sister heather!! she has been out there with her husband jess and their adorable little baby calvin since april, and i have missed them like crazy!
we arrived by chinatown bus (haha yes... it was definitely an adventure) to baltimore in the morning and my sister came and picked me up from shawna's boyfriends' place and we were finally reunited!! it always feels like we have never been separated when we see each other, and it was so fun getting to hang out!

this little guy is calvin!! i love him to death! he really liked me too, but it probably helps alot that i look just like his mama :)

for one day we walked around dc and met up with brittany shawna and her boyfriend brian. it was really fun looking at all the museums and riding the metro!
here are me and britt inside the natural history museum. they have some pretty sweet displays in there, like all the rare gems including the hope diamond!

here we are inside the air and space museum! we were having a pretty good time in the corner of the planet room, and i love this pic because even baby calvin is making a funny face!

all in all baltimore was a great stop, and i loved spending time with heather and calvin! i sure miss them with all my heart! thanks for everything while i was there sis, you know i love you beyond words!!