Tuesday, June 30, 2009

virginia is for lovers

i just recently went on a really fun vacation with two of my roommates shawna and brittany to the east coast! for the next few posts ill put up some highlights from each stop we made, starting with richmond virginia!

we landed and immediately went with shawna's family (she grew up right outside richmond) and they were so welcoming and hospitable! they grilled us some steak and shrimp, took us to busch gardens, and hung out with us at virginia beach. at night we went out with some of shawna's highschool friends, and some of our friends who are out there doin summer sales. richmond was fun, and definitely had some good moments :)

here me, shawna, britt, and ashton (shawna's niece) took a photo break at busch gardens

we got to the front of every line and got to ride twice in a row thanks for shawna's bum knee from her acl surgery! :)

bryan me and ganes! these are two of my favorite summer sales boys :)

we really enjoyed our day at virginia beach! the weather was perfect and the water was warm!

shawna showed us a great time in her home town! our next stop was baltimore!! :)


Jess and Heather said...

you didn't post about the bar fight! haha or your cut foot!

daren sammy said...

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